Carpet Cleaning

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Ask about our whole-home carpet cleaning services in The Colony, TX

Beautiful carpets can make a statement in your home or office space, but just one little stain can ruin their overall look. Give your floors that new home feeling with professional carpet cleaning services from Refresh Floor Care.

We employ a thorough deep-cleaning process that can remove stains and odors and revitalize the look and feel of your plush flooring using professional steamers and cleaners. We even offer carpet restretching, patching and dyeing services to extend the functional life of your carpets.

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Find the right service for you

At Refresh Floor Care, we offer several carpet cleaning services to restore the look and feel of your plush flooring. Depending on your needs, we can provide:

Refresh Package

This base package is ideal for people who have their carpets cleaned regularly. We'll come in and vacuum up loose dirt and pre-treat any stains before we use hot water to extract stubborn stains and deep-down dirt.

Deep-Clean Package

When you're looking for ways to improve the look of your home, our deep-clean package is for you. It comes with wall-to-wall pre-vacuuming and stain treatment, advanced spot cleaning, enzyme boost to brighten colors, steam cleaning for hard stains and odor-removal and natural disinfectants.

Rotovac Restore Package

Perfect for when you're buying or selling a home, our Rotovac package comes with everything the deep-clean package offers, plus Dri-Pod QuickDry treatment, baseboard cleaning, carpet edge detailing and Rotovac rotary extraction.


How Long Will It Take My Carpet to Dry?

That depends on a few factors but typically your carpets should be dry within 3-4 hours. If we do a subsurface extraction for pet urine than the dry times will be closer to 5-6 hrs

Will you be bringing your machines into my home?

No! We use truck-mounted equipment that is much more powerful than the portable units. So no loud and smelly machines plugged in in your home.

How Long Will it Take to Clean My Home?

A 3 area deep clean package will take about 1-1.5 hrs to complete The deep clean takes about twice as long